What can you do?
Public Involvement

Construction of a subway on Roosevelt Boulevard will be the largest public works transit project in Philadelphia since the building of the Center City Commuter Tunnel between 1979 and 1984. Your elected officials need to hear from you and learn about how much this project will benefit the region. In turn, these officials must press DVRPC to place the project on the region's T.I.P.

Public Involvement Page

Why you need to be heard!

Transportation projects are prioritized in several ways. Municipalities, counties and the region all have planning commissions which help determine and set which projects receive funding, and which do not. To date, neither SEPTA nor DVRPC have embraced this project by placing it on their long range plans.

Until DVRPC moves away from being a highway development and sprawl-building organization, good projects like Roosevelt Boulevard subway service will continue to languish, and commuters will continue to be subject to traffic delays and slow bus service. Use our website to get involved today!