Overview of PennDOT's I-95 Reconstruction Project

How it will impact you

In a meeting between PennDOT and PA-TEC in May 2011, PennDOT planners discussed the various projects planned for the reconstruction of I-95 between Street Road in Bucks County, and North Philadelphia.

The rebuilding of the I-95 viaduct through the Fishtown section of Philadelphia will pile on an additional 6,500 cars to Roosevelt Boulevard. The highway project is expected to remove up to 80% of I-95's capacity through the construction zone for up to 5 years. Ultimately, PennDOT is seeking a public transit component that will help remove these vehicles from Roosevelt Boulevard.

With the realities that current funding for a subway line under the boulevard is currently unavailable, the City of Philadelphia requested that PennDOT conduct a study of the corridor through Northeast Philadelphia, to seek realistic transit enhancements that would have a positive impact on the current traffic conditions along this corridor.

It is expected that feasible transit enhancements will include improved bus service along and adjacent to this corridor. PA-TEC is currently working with PennDOT on developinig options for improving mass transit and traffic conditions along this corridor. PA-TEC has asked PennDOT and the study team, Michael Baker Jr. Corp. to consider transit components such as incremental restoration of passenger rail service on the Fox Chase-Newtown line, in lieu of the subway project due to funding constraints. PA-TEC provided these parties with detailed information on the Newtown corridor for consideration for inclusion as one potential option for reducing traffic on Roosevelt Boulevard.