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Follows the lead of the airline industry with new ticketing system

12/11/2011 - Amtrak rolls out e-ticketing system without RFID or turnstiles

Starting with their Downeaster service in Maine, Amtrak has begun using an electronic ticketing system that is similar to the successful system used on airlines which utilize barcodes. Tickets can be purchased online or on a rider's cell phone. Unlike SEPTA's NPT system, Amtrak won't be using risky RFID technology or ask riders to climb over turnstiles each day. Read more

Millions of dollars for stations that receive no weekend service

12/02/2011 - SEPTA eliminates service at new station facilities

In another example of SEPTA wasting your money, SEPTA has decided to eliminate service on weekends at Link Belt and New Britain on the Doylestown line. Both stations were razed within the last five years and replaced with un-needed high level concrete platforms. Those investments did not improve ridership, and now the future existence of these is questioned. Read more

DVRPC's Public Input Controller, Candy Snyder
DVRPC's Snyder to control appointments to public input panel

11/17/2011 - DVRPC to hand pick Public Input at New Regional Planning Task Force

DVRPC has revealed additional details on their controversail public input filtration program in a new article published by the Philadelphia Inquirer. According to DVRPC staffer Candace Snyder, DVRPC and political officials will now appoint hand selected Delaware Valley residents to participate in a new citizens panel that weighs in on transportation spending projects. The new process will allow the Commission to tune out voices they do not wish to hear. Read the Inquirer Article

DVRPC's Public Input Controller, Candy Snyder
Jenkintown garage set on wheels, shipped to Willow Grove

11/11/2011 - Willow Grove SEPTA Station Design Continues to Develop

Upper Moreland Township, SEPTA and DVRPC are continuing to advance plans to construct a new high-level platform train station in Willow Grove, and build a new parking garage. No final design has been chosen yet, or pricetag to the public revealed. Read the Article

SEPTA's Newtown Regional Rail Station, 1984
Deon cites need to play basketball

11/4/2011 - SEPTA Chair Patty Deon Helps Dismantle Newtown Station

A recent news article revealed that Mr. Deon is granting political favors to politicians in Newtown to cash in the Authority's real estate in Newtown, purchased by taxpayers in 1977 for the purpose of providing mass transportation service, to a political candidate to convert the dormant regional rail station into a basketball court.

SEPTA's new scandal now involves SEPTA General Manager Joseph M. Casey and Chief Engineer Jeffrey Knueppel.

Corbett tells SEPTA hands off the Treasury

Governor Corbett says no new funding for transit

In a speech on October 21st, Governor Tom Corbett signaled that he won't be endorsing any new transportation funding that increases taxes or implements tolls, in light of poor economic conditions. In light of continuing reduction in funding, PA-TEC recommends that SEPTA consolidate and eliminate underutilized bus routes wherever possible, and reconstitute bus services to feed more riders onto our regional passenger railroad system.

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SEPTA builds another trail
Nutter helps SEPTA unplug Manayunk

10/21/2011 - City Officials have Back Patting Session in Unplugging Rail Corridor

To assist SEPTA in dismantling yet another urban transportation corridor, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, Montgomery County Commissioner Joe Hoeffel, along with SEPTA chief Joseph Casey (and "planner" Byron Comati) held a press conference today on the PRR's Pencoyd Viaduct, to seal the handover of the railroad bridge to jogging trail enthusiasts. To date, SEPTA has converted four regional rail corridors to trails, despite state laws which command SEPTA to maintain and operate these corridors.
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SEPTA Chester Valley Creek Regional Rail Line
SEPTA Chester Valley Creek Regional Rail Line

10/04/2011 - SEPTA Grows its Trail Network

In addition to the Bethlehem, Cynwyd and Newtown jogging trails, SEPTA has now added the "Chester Creek Trail" to its list of former passenger rail lines to its network. Since 2008, SEPTA has begun converting rail corridors it owns into walking trails. Against the advice of PA-TEC, SEPTA remains staunchly opposed to placing signage along these converted transportation corridors marking them as SEPTA owned property as the cost of small signs are not justified by the benfit.
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SEPTA Chester Valley Creek Regional Rail Line
Wheelchair ramps keep disabled off trains

10/02/2011 - $8 Million SEPTA project misses wheelchair passengers (Whoops!!)

The Big Dig has come to suburban Philadelphia in the small borough of Malvern. SEPTA used up $8 million of Obama's stimulus funding to build a new tunnel under Amtrak's Harrisburg line, and millions for wheelchair ramps to access train platforms that are-not-wheelchair-accessible. Missing important details is now a pre-requisite on all SEPTA projects.
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Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission - Official line of bathroom tissue
DVRPC recycles discarded studies

09/22/2011 - 422 tolling plan doomed, so why keep pushing?

The secrecy behind DVRPC's 422plus-tolls proposal has cast a shadow of doubt across the entire study. Hiding behind its federal agency status (despite claims it does not perform an essential function in a legal brief with the PA Open Records office), Barry Seymour, leader of DVRPC, claims it does not have to share data behind his tolling project. With such strong opposition from the public, elected officials, and PA-TEC, why continue wasting taxpayer dollars?
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Senator Dinniman, supportive of PA-TEC's dumurral of the 422 plan

09/21/2011 - Why all the secrecy on Route 422 toll plan?

Across the region, elected officials are now questioning why DVRPC is being secretive of its promotion of tolling for US Route 422. The commitment to extend rail service from Norristown to Reading is now up in the air, following a comment by Montgomery County Commissioner Joe Hoeffel stating that the train didn't have to be part of the project. Of PA-TEC's inquiries to DVRPC, Senator Dinniman responded: "the questions being asked are good ones".
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PA-TEC's Paul Iverson, signing autographs at 422 Forum for residents

09/13/2011 - DVRPC's Tolling Scheme Rejected by Taxpayers

At a open forum hosted by state Rep. Mike Vereb, residents along the US-422 corridor turned out in droves to denounce DVRPC's proposed "Tolls-For-Trains" scheme, despite the agency not really wanting to restore train service, as revealed by Montgomery County Commissioner Joe Hoeffel who stated "We don't have to build the train". PA-TEC extends its thanks to Rep. Vereb for providing an information table at the forum.
Crowd gives 422 tolling plan unwelcome reception

DVRPC keeps planning activities secret

09/13/2011 - DVRPC Appeals Right-to-Know Law Ruling

The Delaware Valley Reional Planning Commission has taken the position that they are above the law, and do not have to answer to taxpayers who request information as protected by Pennsylvania's Right-to-Know Law (RTKL). In a surprise move, DVRPC's attorneys filed a motion to have the Open Records Office FINAL DETERMINATION overturned in Commonwealth Court. In yet another legal gaffe, DVRPC filed the motion after the 30 day appeal window expired, which will likely draw fire from the Court.
Article on DVRPC's Appeal of Right-to-Know Ruling

Luther Diggs, bufuddled that trains won't float

08/29/2011 - SEPTA Inaugurates Marina - Boat Trips Cancelled after trains fail to float

SEPTA Assistant General Manager Luther Diggs's recent plans to enter SEPTA into the Maritime industry failed on Sunday
morning when it was discovered that SEPTA's Bombardier coaches and AEM-7 locomotive would not float following the flooding of Amtrak's Trenton Station. Read more on the washout of SEPTA's trains

DVRPC doesn't want to open their books

08/03/2011 - PA Office of Open Records rules DVRPC subject to state open records law

Described as a landmark ruling, Pennsylvania's Office of Open Records (OOR) has declared DVRPC subject to the state open records law, despite the agency's pleadings that they do not perform an essential government function. The ruling was in response to several PA-TEC records requests, for information regarding the shifting in voting rights at the RCC's transportation project spending subcommittee. Read more on the OOR's ruling against DVRPC

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