The Value of Public Input
Why you need to participate

The future of our region's transportation assets affects every facet of everyday life. How you get to work, the amount of taxes that you pay, the air you breathe and the stability of the region's economy are all examples of how spending decisions affect quality of life.

SEPTA's abandoned Ivy Ridge Regional Rail line, 2003 (this is now a bicycle trail)

Pennsylvania has lacked the leadership and direction needed to make the right decisions to maintain rail corridors that have been in place for over 100 years. SEPTA's enabling legislation specifically directed the Authority to operate and maintain transportation corridors it purchased when the Pennsylvania and Reading Railroads went bankrupt in the 1970's.
Lacking resources to do so, SEPTA has systematically cut entire routes out of the system it purchased. Rather than direct funding to restore service in areas of high growth, funding is now directed by DVRPC to projects that do not create gains in efficiency or address the economic, environmental and energy problems facing America.
Your feedback to elected officials will help impact future policy decisions.


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