Growth and the 422 Plan
DVRPC Committed to Sprawl

While DVRPC claims to have a land use plan behind the 422 sprawl-builder, studies show that any increase in capacity of expressways leads to more land development. Questions are now being raised to the motives behind DVPRC's push to build out US-422 in Montgomery and Berks Counties.

How Green is Barry Seymour's 422plus plan?

Freeway expansion will encourage more growth in the suburbs of Pottstown, Phoenixville and Royersford. This will occur because improved access makes this area more attractive to buyers and developers. This attractiveness pushes up the value of the land , increasing the pressure for its development.

Highway expansion does not increase economic activity on the regional level. Studies have shown that highway expansion simply diverts economic activity from existing urban areas to outlying areas. While the affected suburbs may receive a benefit from highway expansion, this is usually to the detriment of economic activity elsewhere in the region, primarily the downtown core or regional town centres.


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