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A victory for PA-TEC, taxpayers and transit advocates

10/06/2011 - DVRPC Pulls Plug on 422 Tolling Plan

In a stunning victory for PA-TEC, the public, and transit advocates everywhere, DVRPC today announced that it would no longer be seeking to create a tolling authority on US Route 422. Instead, necessary repairs to 422 will be funded through regular channels, access to the road will remain free, and transit expansion will no longer be pitted against responsible road maintenance and an insurmountable obstacle - road tolls.
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Investigative Series on DVRPC

09/19/2011 - DVRPC Seeking to overturn Open Records Ruling

Barry Seymour is now seeking to overturn a ruling by the Pennsylvania Office of Open Records which subject the embattled agency to the state's open records law. Most recently, PA-TEC sought data from DVRPC to verify its claims on US 422. DVRPC has denied access to those records.
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Those who continue to drive will be fully responsible for debt payments

09/16/2011 - Drivers will subsidize new rail line in 422 tolling plan

Public sentiment is strongly in opposition to the tolling plan, and some opponents have accused the DVRPC of inflating the numbers of potential train riders to make the plan more appealing. The commission has refused to disclose studies used to back up their plan.
Crowd gives 422 tolling plan unwelcome reception
PA-TEC's Paul Iverson greeted, and discussed 422 with residents

09/13/2011 - DVRPC's Tolling Scheme Rejected by Taxpayers

At a open forum hosted by state Rep. Mike Vereb, residents along the US-422 corridor turned out in droves to denounce DVRPC's proposed "Tolls-For-Trains" scheme, despite the agency not really wanting to restore train service, as revealed by Montgomery County Commissioner Joe Hoeffel who stated "We don't have to build the train". PA-TEC extends its thanks to Rep. Vereb for providing an information table at the forum.
Crowd gives 422 tolling plan unwelcome reception
DVRPC engaged in math duel

Barry's Math

One Local Resident challenges Barry Seymour at DVRPC to a math duel to explain where exactly all of the funding raised through the various Pennsylvania taxes go today. Gas Tax. Tire tax. Car rental tax. Emissions inspection tax. Inspection tax. Vehicle Registration tax.
Look at the history of the DRPA. As the writer states: "The bridge tolls to New Jersey started out "modest" and ..The original intent was to pay for the bridge construction and maintenance."
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Elected Officials Oppose the DVRPC plan

Lawmakers Oppose DVRPC's Tolling Proposal

June 2011 - State legislators along the US 422 corridor have been lining up against DVRPC's 422 tolling project. In preparation for DVRPC's proposal (they've claimed they only "advise" and don't perform any essential functions), DVRPC Chairman Joe Hoeffel resigned in July 2011 to go shopping for a new chair of the 422 Tolling Authority.
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Barry Seymour,
Executive Director, DVRPC

Advisory DVRPC Actively Promoting Highway Expansion and a Tolling Authority

In recent writings to PA-TEC, Barry Seymour at DVRPC has stated that his agency does not dictate regional policy and is advisory only in nature. Recently, Barry handed in his protractors and calculators, and took up life as a "roadie" to go out and promote the 422-sprawlbuilder/Tolling Authority.
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