Thorndale-Atglen Extension (Amtrak Harrisburg Line)

DVRPC Project# 12-63-011 DVRPC/SEPTA Proposal

DVRPC Proposes that Pennsylvania taxpayers pay SEPTA as a second carrier to operate passenger rail service on the rural segments of the Keystone line between Thorndale and Atglen (3 miles from the Amtrak Parksburg Station, 7 miles from the Amtrak Lancaster station). This service will not take Atglen residents to Lancaster (about 7 miles West) or connect them to Amtrak's Harrisburg service. It has not been determined if Amtrak will service the rebuilt Atglen Station.

SEPTA service to this location will be the most heavily subsidized on the system. In 1996, SEPTA ended Parksburg service because their service only captured 32 riders per day.

Amtrak's Lancaster-Harrisburg Line
Amtrak and SEPTA will both serve rural Chester County's Atglen Station

Highlights of DVRPC's Plan:

  • SEPTA Commuter service extended an additional 7 miles
  • SEPTA operating payments to Amtrak for a 4 car train (roundtrip): $5,600.00
  • Atglen residents connected to Paoli-Philadelphia, no service to Lancaster
  • Service extension has lowest cost recovery of any SEPTA route