September 2011

Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission - Official line of bathroom tissue
DVRPC recycles discarded studies

09/22/2011 - 422 tolling plan doomed, so why keep pushing?

The secrecy behind DVRPC's 422plus-tolls proposal has cast a shadow of doubt across the entire study. Hiding behind its federal agency status (despite claims it does not perform an essential function in a legal brief with the PA Open Records office), Barry Seymour, leader of DVRPC, claims it does not have to share data behind his tolling project. With such strong opposition from the public, elected officials, and PA-TEC, why continue wasting taxpayer dollars?
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Senator Dinniman, supportive of PA-TEC's dumurral of the 422 plan

09/21/2011 - Why all the secrecy on Route 422 toll plan?

Across the region, elected officials are now questioning why DVRPC is being secretive of its promotion of tolling for US Route 422. The commitment to extend rail service from Norristown to Reading is now up in the air, following a comment by Montgomery County Commissioner Joe Hoeffel stating that the train didn't have to be part of the project. Of PA-TEC's inquiries to DVRPC, Senator Dinniman responded: "the questions being asked are good ones".
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PA-TEC's Paul Iverson, signing autographs at 422 Forum for residents

09/13/2011 - DVRPC's Tolling Scheme Rejected by Taxpayers

At a open forum hosted by state Rep. Mike Vereb, residents along the US-422 corridor turned out in droves to denounce DVRPC's proposed "Tolls-For-Trains" scheme, despite the agency not really wanting to restore train service, as revealed by Montgomery County Commissioner Joe Hoeffel who stated "We don't have to build the train". PA-TEC extends its thanks to Rep. Vereb for providing an information table at the forum.
Crowd gives 422 tolling plan unwelcome reception

DVRPC keeps planning activities secret

09/13/2011 - DVRPC Appeals Right-to-Know Law Ruling

The Delaware Valley Reional Planning Commission has taken the position that they are above the law, and do not have to answer to taxpayers who request information as protected by Pennsylvania's Right-to-Know Law (RTKL). In a surprise move, DVRPC's attorneys filed a motion to have the Open Records Office FINAL DETERMINATION overturned in Commonwealth Court. In yet another legal gaffe, DVRPC filed the motion after the 30 day appeal window expired, which will likely draw fire from the Court.
Article on DVRPC's Appeal of Right-to-Know Ruling